All our 2nd Surfboards
Before we can sell you an 2nd Surfboard, it has to be thoroughly examined by our qualified staff.
If there is any dings, will be repaired and the surfboard clean before we put a surfboard on sale.
We need to be sure that our stock will meet your expectations. Satisfaction of our customers is very important for us as we believe, that long-term partnerships are the key to success in business. Therefore we have prepared a system of testing and grading of all 2nd Surfboards that enter our company, so that you can be certain that the surfboard will have an accurate description and a proper price.


Grade A
The best quality of 2nd surfboard. No dings, near-mint condition, excellent cosmetic level, and very little signs of previous use.


Grade B
The second-best quality of a 2nd surfboard. Light signs of usage, small dings or light foot prints. Overall the board is in very good condition.


Grade C
Surfboard in average condition and obvious signs of everyday usage. Dings and foot prints


Grade D
Surfboard in poor condition „Brutal” signs of heavy, everyday usage. Cracks, fin box or plug are possible but repaired.


Grade E
Surfboard in really poor condition „Brutal” signs of heavy, everyday usage. Surfboard was broken and repaired