The shaper Nuno Matta launched a new project to continue to develop and upgrade the performance skills of his surfboards, Classified – Secret Files, it’s a secret program where innovations and new techniques are used to create new models from the knowledge and creativity of the shaper tested by the best surfers to get the final inputs. The final model just get public when the new shape fits all the needed requests from the surfers.

“With this new project I bring MATTA surfers for the leading role of the shaping process, I want them to get involved with the brand, bringing new inputs to the production line, and together we’ll better answer the present demand.”, said Nuno Matta.

For Justin Becret: “To improve our surfing we also need to improve and try different shapes to better match the different conditions we might get while competing. I’m looking forward to start with this new project where I’ll also be able to give the needed inputs to get the best shape. My new test model is just arriving, so let’s start with it.”

“The relationship with the shaper it’s crucial to get the best surfboard on my feet, with Nuno Matta the communication have always been easy and now I feel even more confident for being able to test and to give my feedback before the surfboard goes to the market.”, said Sam Piter.

At the moment MATTA counts with near 20 different models to better answer all kind of demands, but in the near future more models will be available with the quality label given by the committee, MATTA Team Riders, from this Classified Project.

Stay tuned, more news about the Classified – Secret Files by MATTA very soon.