XI Anniversary of the #CosmicChildrenFestival

vvvWhen? 17-19 JUNE 2016.  Where? Santander, Playa de Liencres.

The XI edition of the Cosmic Children Festival presented by Vissla is dangerously arriving to shore. Organizers refuses to announce all info yet, neither will comment who will be the inspiring surfers joining the cosmic crew this year.

Thrills are assured, invoked sun, waves, moon and stars, to receive honors the surfing beasts from the last few decades, in the unique Natural Park of Liencres (northern Spain, right by Santander).

And we are invited !!! Thank you Vissla

We will have the MATTAshapes Mobile Surfboard Test Drive Center, for you to test our boards and the Creatures of Leisure fins. So you are invited to come!