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If your country is not listed here please contact our customer service team at and we will see what we can arrange.

Prices start at 25€ for packaging and shipping.
Shipping 2 boards is almost the same price as it is to ship 1 board.
We have boxes that can hold up to 4 surfboards.Please contact our customer service team at for more details

Currently our turnaround is about 3 weeks + for a standard PU board depending on the workload at the factory. EPS (Epoxy boards) tend to take a bit longer, around 4 weeks +.
After you place the order you will receive the estimate delivery date.

Yes, we do offer EPS with Epoxy lamination. Please check the SMARTech technology in our website.

Your age, weight, height  and level of surfing are all important. Where you intend to use the board, and for what type of waves is also a factor. If you have a bit of history of the boards you have surfed and liked or disliked the length, width, thickness, or liters this will come in handy.

Yes it is possible but it must be prearranged with the office to make sure Nuno Matta is available. Normally most questions can be taken care of by mail or telephone.

You can go directly to our Custom Order Form, or you can browse the surfboards we have listed on the website. Once you find the board you want, just fill out the form. We will contact you once the form is submitted.

You may cancel your custom order, but your deposit is non-refundable once production has started.

Please email our customer service team at