Live Shaping and Music in Lisbon with Nuno Matta & Orlando Santos

People walking by Ribeira Das Naus in Lisbon city center, beside Tejo River, could watch an incredible live performance with the shaper Nuno Matta and the musician Orlando Santos.

Everybody knows that shaping a surfboard is just like an artist doing any kind of piece but normally the shaper do it on a shaperoom with no eyes on him. This time was different, Nuno Matta built a shape room on the street and invited the well none musician Orlando Santos to get more inspiration and to create a completely different environment to every present person.

The art of shaping walks together with music and when you combine this two arts, in the middle of an historical place, the result is unique and amazing.


Photos by @matrenophoto

Video by Ricardo Capristano and @tomasloureiro_