SMARTech included on the Sustainable Surf


MATTA SMARTech surfboards included on the Sustainable Surf Program

Sustainable Surf is a non-profit charity organization based in California, founded by entrepreneurs Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden, their mission is to be the catalyst that transforms surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground.

MATTA is the new partner of the ECOBOARD project program, a project that helps the board riding community to build, buy and ride high-performance sustainable boards. A social transformation program, which educates and engages individuals about the environmental impacts of their lifestyle through the lens of their board. ECOBOARD project is focussed on reducing carbon footprints, increasing the use and reuse of renewable, recycled and recycled inputs, and reducing toxicity within the manufacturing process.

All the MATTA SMARTech surfboards will be marked with an “eco-label” from Sustainable Surf that guarantees that you are using an ECOBOARD.

For some time that Nuno Matta is focus in recycling projects in his factory. You can find all kind of waste on a surf factory. To have a new surfboard a track of waste is left behind, just need some creativity and environmental care to make use of those waste materials.

Besides the SMARTech ECOBOARDS, It’s already known the recycling program used by MATTA, by collecting waste EPS Foam to pack the boards and to turn it directly into a new surfboard blank.

There’s also the Upcycle Surfboard by MATTA for Vissla where Nuno built a surfboard from trash with plastic bottles, milk packs, cardboard box, EPS box, newspapers, trash fiber and resin from the rack. This recycled surfboard was finalist of the Vissla Creators Contest and the surfboard was exposed on the Prize Ceremony in California: MATTA for Vissla

As a member of the Sustainable Surf, MATTA aims to spread the word for the protection of the Oceans. So all MATTA surfboards with SMARTech construction have a Sustainable Surf ECOBOARD label that guarantee that the SMARTech surfboard follows an ecologic method approved by Sustainable Surf Organization.

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