MATTAgameON 2021

Jaime Veselko and Clara Silva won the MATTAgameON 2021

Palm´s Dr. Bernard received the best European surfers under-13, from the 10th to 12th of September, for the 5th edition of the MATTAgameON Powered by Didier Piter Surf Coaching. This 5th edition of the event is focused on the youngest surfers, the next generation, and its all about FUN !

MATTAgameON concludes with an exciting final day. Jaime Veselko, from Portugal, had a solid win in the final against Mário Leopoldo, 2nd place from the Portugal, Marco Albacete, 3rd place from Spain, and Alejo Valido, 4th place from Canary Islands.

Clara Silva from Portugal dominate all the final over Francisca Miranda, 2nd place from the Portugal and Maria Butler, 3rd place from Ireland.

Besides standing out from a total of 34 of the best European surfers under-13, Jaime won a free 10 days boat trip to the Mentawai, courtesy of Sumatra Surf Trip, and Mário received free coach session with Didier Piter Surf Coaching.

At the end Nuno Matta prepared a surprise by delivering the MATTA Special Award, sponsoring contract with MATTA, went to the Caparica local, Zion Brocchi, MATTA family got one more new member, besides Zion, from Portugal, have a new surfboard sponsoring contract with MATTA.

MATTAgameON final results:
1. Jaime Veselko – Portugal
2. Mário Leopoldo – Portugal
3. Marco Albacete – Spain
4. Alejo Valido – Canary Islands

MATTAgameON Girls final results:
1. Clara Silva – Portugal
2. Francisca Miranda – Portugal
3. Maria Butler – Ireland

Dr Bernard Expression Session:
• Best Maneuver: Marco Albacete
• Best Wave: Dylan dos Santos
• Best Wipeout: Matilda Ventura
• Best Claim: Sebastião Bastos
• First to paddle out: António Lucas
• Best kick out from the wave: António Gonçalves
• Best Helmet: Francisca Miranda
• Best 360: Marco Albacete;
• Best Combo: Dylan dos Santos
• Best Duck Nose: Zion Brocchi
• Best Style: Dylan dos Santos

Super Soaker Battle
There was no winners or losers, only a lot of fun !

Ahua Bodysurf:
• Best Maneuver: Marco Albacete
• Longest Wave: Maria Buttler
• Biggest Wave: Jaime Veselko

MATTAgameON it’s all about fun!

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  • This year MATTAgameON gives the first 26 under 13 the possibility of joining MATTAgameON 2021 by ordering a MATTA surfboard.
  • MATTAgameON Custom Surfboard – 289€ + Extras
  • The surfers must have up to 13 years old at September, 30 of 2021.
  • Only MATTA Surfboards are allowed in the competition.
    With the exception of the 3 surfers the come from the instagram contest, all the others have to ride MATTA

1st Place
Sumatra Surf Trip 10 days boat trip
Didier Piter Training Session


1 Year MATTA Sponsorship


A voucher of 100€ discount on a new MATTA Surfboard
Prizes for all

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