MATTAshapes /// Project FF – Giveaway Winners!


MATTAshapes /// ProjectFF, it’s a project floatation flow on the board. 

The floatation flow on the boards did not change for the last 30 years. On other hand the approach of surfing changed a lot lately, now the surfers are more front foot and less back foot.
So we changed the flotation flow on the board, we moved the floatation from the back to the front of the board. This board will catch the waves easier, land the airs smoother and the rail transitions will be faster! And you can still  surf it like your regular board!
We gone produce around 15 boards to give to different surfers to try. If you see a golden board in the water it´s ProjectFF. 
The two winners of the last month giveaway are Maxime Deulceux and Gabriel Pruneti, Congrats!
Please send us an email to with your normal board measures, contact and address.
Thanks to all the participants!