As surfers we love to travel the world, explore its seven seas and ride the best waves.
But taking your surfboard can be difficult and at times become a real nightmare.

Now, you can rent and test our boards with just one click.

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

6 days

7 days

8 days

9 days

10 days

Surfboard / Malibu

25,00 €

40,00 €

55,00 €

70,00 €

85,00 €

100,00 €

110,00 €

120,00 €

130,00 €

140,00 €


45,00 €

65,00 €

85,00 €

105,00 €

125,00 €

145,00 €

165,00 €

185,00 €

205,00 €

225,00 €

  • Fins, leash and wax included
  • Delivery only available on 7 or more days
  • Add 25€ for delivery option







Pick up

9.30h  – 18h

9.30h  – 18h

9.30h  – 18h

9.30h  – 18h

9.30h  – 18h


9.30h – 17h

9.30h – 17h

9.30h – 17h

9.30h – 17h

9.30h – 17h

  • One day rental its from 9.30h to 17h delivery at our facility


What are the payment methods?
We accept cash. When booking online you will be prompted by email from our us to pay a 50€ deposit via wire transfer.

Do I need to book my rental ahead of time?
We always recommend booking ahead of time, especially during high seasons. We work on a first come first served basis. Booking ahead will ensure availability and probability for accommodating your personal needs.

Are the surfboards same as on pictures ?
All the pictures are pretty recent, but are not renewed on a monthly basis either. So sometimes the actual board may differ between the time the picture has been taken and between the time you collect the board. But we make sure they are in good condition, in case the board is seriously damaged, you will be offered a replacement or compensation.

Does the delivery option include drop off and pick up ?
Yes, we can delivery boards in Lisbon and Almada Area, but only in rentals The boards are delivered to the accommodation of your choice and picked up after the rental period at the same place. In that case  you won’t need to go to our facility.

Do I need to be there for delivery & pickup?
Yes, we ask you to be present at the delivery time so we can instruct you and have you sign the rental release agreement. We also ask you to be present for pick-up.

Can I change my board once it’s collected ?
Yes, we offer this possibility to change the board, you may need to pay extra if the second board you want is at a higher price than the one previously booked.

What happens if I damage my board?
Don’t worry, dings happen. Please let us know as soon as you suspect any damage that can allow water into the board. Cosmetic issues are less important but on the occasion that your board gets a crack or gouge please let us know, we will replace the the board and ask you to cover the cost of the repair (average ding repairs are between 50€-120€).

What happens if my board gets snapped in half or stolen?
Unfortunately we do have to charge for broken or lost items. We are not looking to profit from your misfortune, we just need to cover the cost to fix or replace the item


Approximate replacement prices:
Surfboard: 250€ + Tax
Malibu: 250€ + Tax
SMARTech: 350€ + Tax
Ding Repair: approx. 50€-120€ + Tax
Lost or Broken Fin: 40€ + Tax
Lost or Broken Leash: 20€ + Tax


Where is your shop located?
Rua Jaime Cortesão
Quinta da Vitória de Fora, letras J.C. Armazém 5
2815-758 Sobreda de Caparica – Portugal
Phone     + 351 212 914 083
Mobile/Whats app    + 351 917 932 286
GPS        +38° 38′ 37.85″, -9° 11′ 21.85″


We are asking you to look over the equipment you are renting to make known to us if there is any severe damage or something unusual that you want to draw to our attention. (nicks and scratches are not severe damage) +351 917 932 286 please call immediately.

  • You have to bring an ID card
  • If you’re under 18 you have to come accompanied by an adult
  • All equipment is checked to ensure it is in good condition.
  • The customer is personally and financially responsible for the equipment during the rental period.
  • The equipment must be returned in good conditions: surfboard washed and cleaned with no sand.
  • Sit and watch waves and ocean activity for a few minutes before you go out in the water to surf. See how others are doing and how the ocean is acting.
  • Choose a land mark while out in the ocean and come back there. Others might think “oh that is his (her) area and there might form some order. Don’t go back out through the others riding in. Go around and out.
  • To stop a board quickly sit down on it.
  • If you are heading for someone do not look at them. Where you look is where you go.
  • Not diving head first or jumping straight legged. No leaping.
  • Do not stand on the boards on the ground they will snap like a cracker.
  • Jump off your board as you finish ride before the shallow area. Nose diving will snap board.
  • No pearl diving where your front end is too heavy on the board. You have to lift up the front of your body or kneel or stand up or you will pearl dive and can snap the nose end.
  • Do not drop the boards or the rails will crack.