This is the SMP 1 model. This board was designed for kids that want to make the next steps in their surfing. It’s a powerful platform under their feet to grow their surfing ability to new heights.
With the help of one of the best coaches in the world, Didier Piter, we were able to build a board that will guide grommets to the right place on the wave and provide complete freedom of movements.With a small and thinner tail, it’s easy and quick to turn, but still allows free flowing rails through carves. Created for variable conditions.
From father to son, Sam Piter has been able to climb the steps of the surfing world with this refined design – it’s now updated and ready for a new generation of kids to start their pro career
and keep the fun in their surfing at all times!

Standard outline

High performance rocker

Single to double concave

Tri fin

Thumb tail